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Social Media Marketing

Our central service. We specialise in effective social media marketing solutions across a variety of platforms including Instagram and Facebook, with continuous optimisation throughout the life cycle of the campaign.


Get your website found. We deep dive into relevant keywords, and employ off site and on site strategies to create the ideal SEO strategy for your brand, encouraging relevant traffic and high quality users.

Web Development

An exceptional business website, for less than you’d expect. We specialise in WordPress web development, building responsive sites with a full user guide handover as standard after the build is completed.

Influencer Marketing

Utilising our exclusive lists, we’ve developed a management system that opens up Influencer Marketing to small and large businesses alike.

Creative Services

Our in-house creative team ensures stunning visual content is on brand, high quality, and made to convert audiences into customers.

Follower Growth

Our genuine follower growth strategy is so effective, we guarantee 10,000 new followers in 12 months, or we work for free*.

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In 2018, we are embracing technology more than ever. As humans become more nomadic, often moving away from their home towns to seek fortune elsewhere, the digital age has given us a chance to stay close to those we love the most through convenient mediums like social media, videos calls and no doubt VR in the near future. But what does this have to do with digital marketing?

Everything. With personal reference being the number one driver for consumer decisions, the change of medium for how we refer our friends and family to products and services is groundbreaking. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers an opportunity that is both effective; and measurable.

Previously, a marketing agency would need to throw hundreds of thousands of dollars into print advertisement, radio, tv and other channels, not knowing realistically what kind of traffic that would generate for their clients. While viewers could be measured, how could anyone really count the amount of people actually purchasing as a result of those investments?

Now, a digital marketing agency Melbourne can follow the full buyers journey for their client’s campaigns. Not only can we take in potential reach, but we can also view the actual engagement of projects, the actions made as a result of them, and how they converted.

For small businesses, working with a digital marketing company in Melbourne is a smart decision. Professional involvement ensures correct and effective campaigns, further education than an in-house hire, and the knowledge that your time can be better spent on more important areas of your business. You can read about more benefits of small business digital marketing agency Melbourne relationships here.


Forget likes – We’re focused on your real results.

Our digital marketing strategy encompasses two essential elements of successful business practice – Social proofing through brand awareness, and revenue building.

Of course, you need to see a return on your marketing investment. Our marketing service encompass actionable opportunities for consumers to invest in your product or service, using as direct a route as possible. We focus on targeted audience with a higher likelihood to purchase, and present them with content across social media marketing channels that delight and engage.

While committing to this, brands also experience the optimisation of an essential step in successful sales – Awareness and consideration. Through our follower growth services, and social media management packages, we acknowledge the need for social validation of brands online. A strong follower number, and high social media engagement signals to other consumers the trust and legitimacy of a brand, inviting new consumers to further consider them in their journey. Brand awareness is essential, and a large focus when introducing new labels to the market.


Tailor Group has developed an industry reputation for as the go-to Digital Marketing agency in Melbourne for fashion and lifestyle brands. Growing from this, we also define ourselves as stand outs in a range of other industries due to the knowledge gained from lifestyle audiences. You can read about what a lifestyle audience is here.

For nearly five years, we have continued to develop strategies, tools and software pipelines that better encompass the needs of a range of clients. Our Melbourne Digital Marketing clients enjoy highly engaged connection with us, including a personal account manager, a willingness to educate, and the in-house capability for extensive creative activation, such as event management and photography, graphic design and other ad hoc creative requirements.

Tailor Group was founded by two people who know best the power of digital marketing in Melbourne and beyond. Lisa Teh, a fashion influencer joined Thom Whilton, a fashion and design influencer, in the creation of, Melbourne’s go-to for fashion news and discoveries. Seeing first hand the opportunities of web based marketing, they founded C-Creative, later becoming Tailor Group. Read more about the company, ethos and team here.

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