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The Importance of Positive Online Reviews

The Importance of Positive Online Reviews

We can all agree that getting customers to buy your products or subscribe to the services you offer is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

What if we told you that getting positive online reviews or customer feedback about your business is a sure way to fast track closing sales and sealing deals? Ensuring there is no scarcity of these online reviews on your site falls under the practice of Online Reputation Management.

How is Online Reputation Management tied to online reviews?

Simply put, Online Reputation Management is the digital version of everything related to Public Relations in the conventional business world. Online reputation management is not just about making sure that your business/company is not showing a bad light; it also involves striving to get as many people as possible to say nice things about your brand, in other words, getting positive online reviews. It also encourages prospective customers to trust and invest in your brand.


Positive Online Reviews Are Business Life-Savers.

Here’s why.                                                

‘What you see is what you get’ is a promise a lot of businesses online have broken, one time too many. Potential customers know this all too well, hence, there’s a lot of skepticism before a purchase decision is made (if it’s ever made). They want to be absolutely certain that they are making a decision they will not later regret before they make any form of commitment- whether to buy products or request for services.

A positive online review from a customer that got satisfaction from purchasing your product or from using your service is a fast way to alleviate the fears of potential buyers and reassure them that they have nothing to worry about.

This is easily relatable. Think of how many times you went ahead to buy something just because someone told you they had tried it before and they had no regrets.

Naturally, a business owner is expected to say good things about their products or services, but when a third party, especially one who has made a purchase from your brand gives it a vote confidence- super! This will lend credence to your brand from a potential buyer’s point of view.

The next obvious question we now need to answer is ‘how do I get these all-important positive online reviews?

Let’s get right into it.


Review Your Online Reputation Management Strategy

When it comes to giving online review or feedback, customers may naturally take the ‘if you don’t ask, I won’t tell’ stance. They may actually enjoy your product or the service you rendered and not remember to tell you all about the experience. A few may return with exciting news about their experience but most won’t.

The onus is on you to help them to help you by giving them a nudge via follow up emails asking for a review. Let them know that you are interested in their experience after interacting with your brand. Be sure to provide relative links that will make this process super easy for them.

You may also want to explore rewarding customers who take time out to leave feedback on your website by giving incentives like discounts, free subscription etc. If there is something in it for them, have no doubt that it will spark an interest faster. “I have more than enough discounts” said no buyer ever!

You may even wish to ask some of your very loyal customers who are a fan of your product/services if they’ll be willing to be your hypeman or hypewoman.  You just might get a yes and end up having a team of brand ambassadors who will be more than ready to vouch for your products/services and enjoy a discount or free merchandise in exchange.

Now that you know that getting your customers to leave a positive review is right at the center of the Online reputation management part of your digital marketing strategy, roll up your sleeves, get to work, and keep those positive vibes on your website at a 101%!

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