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Mummy Bloggers: The Ultimate Influencers

Mummy Bloggers: The Ultimate Influencers

Mommy Bloggers

Rachel Martin once said “Motherhood is messy. And challenging. And crazy. And sleepless. And giving. And still unbelievably beautiful.” It is in trying to make sense of these challenges and puzzles that come with Motherhood and parenting that some women made the decision to start sharing their experiences with a community of other women who have found themselves in the same situation.

When these motherhood experiences, struggles, and challenges are shared via a blogging or any other social media platform, a Mummy Blog is born.
From questions like ‘How do I potty train’? ‘Why do babies cry’? to ‘When is it time to stop breastfeeding?’, mothers are always looking for answers.


Just by sharing experiences and tips on how to overcome certain motherhood or parenting hurdles through blogging, a Mummy blogger ultimately creates a platform that educates, inspires, and empowers a community of new Mums. There is certainly a refreshing and comforting feeling that comes with knowing you are not alone in whatever you are going through. Mummy Blogs thrive on this empathy, amongst other things.


Initially, this blogging style was borne out of the desire to simply talk and share. Some of these blogs created by new mums looking for recommendations or experienced mums looking for an avenue to teach the newbies. However, these blogs have since evolved to become major players in the influencer marketing part of digital marketing strategy.

Examples Of Mummy Bloggers Who Work As Influencer Marketers

      1. Sophie Cachia who came into limelight through her blog ‘The Young Mummy’ now boasts of over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone. Sophie Cachia wears many hats, and as you may       have already guessed, influencer marketer is one. She has done campaigns for brands like DB Cosmetics and Alpha Skincare.

  1. Marcia Leone’s openness about her fertility struggles endeared her to many women who were going through the same. While she documents her motherhood journey on her lifestyle blog Not So Mumsy, she also utilizes her huge social media followership to help brands like Alpha H Cosmetics gain more visibility.

  2. Chantelle Ellem of  ‘FatMumSlim’ blog has collaborated with top brands like Olympus, Nissan,  and Coles.

  3., another Mummy Blog has a product review section where curious Mums can visit to find out the best products to choose for their children. Brands like Euky Bear and Audi Clean have leveraged on this platform in the past to showcase their products.

    Why You Should Work With A Mummy Blogger As An Influencer

    To guarantee continued success, brands must constantly work towards expanding their reach. Luckily, the world of digital marketing presents various options through which this can be achieved- and employing the services of Mummy Bloggers as influencer marketer is one of them.
    Let’s talk about why it is important to take advantage of this practice and how it can help reposition your brand.

    – Mummy Bloggers are highly engaged with their audience. This is because the blogs thrive on conversation, as the copywriting mostly involves sharing real life experiences.

     Mummy Bloggers can help you generate a creative content that revolves around your brand in such a way that will be easy for their audience to connect. Not only will the copywriting tell your story better, it will also save you valuable time and energy which you can channel into other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

     Positive online reviews can help your brand achieve amazing results, more so if it comes from a Mummy Blogger whose recommendations are highly esteemed by the followers. As they go about their primary goal of educating, informing, and inspiring their readers about everything parenting, family, homemaking et al, Mummy Bloggers accrue large followers along the way. This allows them to wield a power strong enough to influence their followers’ purchase decision in favour of manybrands.

     A brand can take advantage of a Mummy Blogger’s niche audience to run targeted promotions. This makes it easy to reach the right people at the right time.

     Overall, a high return on investment (ROI) can be achieved through this influencer marketing medium. Mummy Bloggers can help you to increase your brand’s visibility, broaden your reach, and achieve marketing campaign goals.

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